Belgium: Liège to Host European Conference & Exhibition on Inland Terminals

Liège to Host European Conference & Exhibition on Inland Terminals

The port of Antwerp is co-sponsor of the “8th European Conference & Exhibition on Inland Terminals” being held in Liège on 21 and 22 November.

In the past Antwerp has also hosted the conference. This year the focus is on the way in which seaports and hinterland ports interact in their strategies for value creation.

Antwerp Port Authority will be represented at the Round Table by Pascale Pasmans, Senior Consultant Intermodality & Hinterland. Tessa Major, Technical Environment Manager, will moderate the Sustainability workshop, while Danny Deckers will be one of the closing speakers at the conference.

Antwerp Port Authority holds stakes in various hinterland ports and has collaboration agreements with others including Liège. The aim of this collaboration is to offer customers good multimodal access to the hinterland via all modes of transport.

Antwerp is unusual in that it is both a seaport and a hinterland port, located 80 km inland. Not only that, but it also lies in the commercial heart of Europe. As such it is able to offer fast, efficient and sustainable service to its customers.


Press Release, November 7, 2013