Nicaraguans’ Trip to HKND – Big Success

Nicaraguans’ Trip to HKND - Big Success

Invited and sponsored by Mr. Wang Jing, Chairman and CEO of HKND Group, a 21-member delegation from Nicaragua paid a week-long visit to China from October 19-26, 2013.

The group of businessmen, academics and politicians toured Beijing, Xuzhou, Wuhan, Yichang and Hong Kong respectively for a fact-finding mission. After winding up the trip, all delegates extended gratitude towards the hospitality they had received, and marveled at Chinese companies’ strength in terms of funding, technology and construction.

The delegates spoke positively and highly of achievements made by HKND so far, meanwhile expressing their sincerity and enthusiasm to try all means to support the Grand Canal Project and fulfill Nicaragua’s Dream of Centuries.


After centuries of dreaming and planning, the idea of a Nicaraguan canal linking the Atlantic-Pacific global shipping routes is headed toward becoming a reality.

The Government of Nicaragua (GON) and its chosen partner, HKND Group, have now entered the study phase of development to assess the technological and economic feasibility of constructing a canal in Nicaragua as well as the potential environmental, social, and regional implications of various routes.

A global team of experts has been assembled to advise HKND Group on the development of the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project. While a team of experts are evaluating the technical feasibility, Environmental Resources Management (ERM), one of the world’s leading sustainability consultancies, is independently assessing the environmental and social impact of various routes that are under consideration.


Press Release, November 7, 2013