UAE: Al Masabi Speaks at Maritime Forum

ADPC speaks at new Shipping & Investment Forum Abu

Abdullah Al Masabi, Vice President Khalifa Port, spoke about the emerging importance of the Middle East as a growing maritime hub at the conference on 5 November.

The forum provided a platform for local and international maritime professionals and industry financiers to discuss the challenges and investment opportunities in the maritime industry in the region.

The event focused on the last five years, which have seen the emergence of a cluster of world class shipping groups in the Middle East, building and operating modern high quality fleets.

Al Masabi outlined ADPC’s objectives as the master developer of ports and industrial zones in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. He explained the reasons behind the Government’s very significant investment in the port and industrial zone infrastructure, putting it into the context of the growth of the region as the axis of world trade becomes more focused on Asia and Africa.

He explained how that investment was contributing to the fast turnaround, smooth processes and customer centric approach in the emirates flagship Khalifa Port, while also supporting economic growth and encouraging sustainable businesses in the western region ports.

Furthermore, he outlined how Kizad’s ease of business, outstanding access to global markets and low operating costs were making the industrial zone an attractive business proposition, encouraging and securing foreign investment.


Press Release, November 7, 2013