Oraco Resources Provides Update on Boroma Project

Oraco Resources Provides Update on Boroma Project

Oraco Resources, Inc. announced that they have decided to undertake a thorough washing of the approximately 80 tons of gravel and silt that they had removed from the riverbed at their Boroma site.

The Company stated that the results of the rough washing of approximately 2 tons of the dredging performed prior to the rainy season were encouraging enough to undertake further efforts at Boroma.

We weren’t able to perform an extensive analysis of the 80 tons of placer gravel we had removed before the rainy season. However, since we did manage to recover some diamonds from a rough washing of only 2 tons of material, it is our opinion that this justifies committing the resources needed to do a thorough washing of the entire cache of what we have unearthed,” stated Bradley Rosen, President of the Company.

With the rainy season at an end, we feel that it’s time to see what we truly have.”

Rosen also commented that the commitment of resources to Boroma would have no impact upon the Company’s work at Nimini Hills where exploratory geological sampling has begun.


Press Release, November 15, 2013