Estonia: Nordecon Completes Kärdla Port Construction

Nordecon Completes Kärdla Port Construction

Nordecon AS completed the construction of the visitors’ port in Kärdla a month before the agreed deadline.

The total cost of the construction of Hiiumaa’s largest marina amounted to about 4.2 million euros exclusive of VAT.

The contracting entity was Kärdla Port Foundation.

About 3.2 million euros of the total cost of the port, which stands at 4.74 million euros, will be covered by the European Regional Development Fund’s measure of Strengthening of the Competitiveness of Regions, which is implemented by the Ministry of Interior and Enterprise Estonia. Self-financing is being provided by the City of Kärdla.

This is undoubtedly the largest construction project of the decade in Hiiumaa,” said Kaspar Kaldjärv, who represents Nordecon AS in connection with the construction of Kärdla Port.

Due to historical events, Kärdla did not have a port for nearly 70 years and from now on it will have a gateway to the sea, which is very important for the people of Hiiumaa. It should boost the development of Kärdla and the whole of Hiiumaa as a tourist destination and indirectly, the completion of the port will have a positive effect on all islanders.”

Kaspar Kaldjärv said that the construction work at the port ran smoothly and as scheduled, as Nordecon has a long track record in water engineering. Alongside with Nordecon AS, the input of its subsidiary – Hiiu Teed OÜ – was also of great importance in completing the port.

The construction work of Kärdla Port comprised dredging operations in an amount of approximately 35,000 m3 and the construction of piers stretching for about 500 metres; around 9,000 m2 of the area designated for various port operations and the maintenance of watercraft was extended to the seabed. In addition, access roads and a parking lot were also built.

Kärdla Port with its basin depth of 3.5 and 3.0 metres has 58 places for mooring small vessels.

In the long run, this number can be increased to 115.

The construction of the port started last August and was scheduled to last until December 2013 under the contract.


Press Release, November 27, 2013