VIDEO: Eureka Introduces Dredger “Sigma” (The Netherlands)

Eureka Introduces Dredger Sigma

Eureka, a Dutch engineering company, has presented its new multifunctional dredger Sigma. This dredger with both water jet and cutter function can be used in soft and hard layers for the cleaning of rivers, ponds and sand mining purposes.

The main advantage is the submersible dredge pump which is located on the dredge pipe to generate the highest efficiency. Another advantage of this dredger is the possibility for the changing of the dredge system during work.

This changing can be done easily with the cranes which are mounted on both sides of the dredger. Also the anchors and spare parts can be lifted by this crane what guaranteed an ergonomic working.

The dredger is build compact so the costs are low and the construction is designed to make transport by sea freight containers possible.

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Dredging Today Staff, December 2, 2013