Top News – December 2 to 8, 2013

Top News – December 2 to 8, 2013

The Philippines: Pasay City to Pursue Reclamation Project

Mayor Antonino Calixto is committed to find common ground with the City Council over the city’s 300 has. reclamation project.


Boskalis, Van Oord Reinforce Northern Stretch of Dutch Coastline

The Hollands Noorderkwartier Regional Water Board and the Department of Public Works and Water Management intend to award the Van Oord (50%) – Boskalis (50%) joint venture a contract to reinforce and maintain the Hondsbossche and Pettemer Sea Defence from Petten to Camperduin, the northern stretch of the Dutch coastline.


Italdraghe: New Dredger for Ethiopia

Italdraghe has just shipped a new cutter suction dredger to the Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy.


Damen Delivers Dredger “Qing Jiang” to China

Damen has delivered a customized CSD500 to CCCC Tianjin Dredging. The cutter suction dredger will perform essential maintenance in the Mao Wei Sea in southern China.


US Dredge Contractor Retires After 45 Years

A US Dredge contractor is retiring after 45 years in the dredge contracting business. Everything in the dredging fleet is in good working order and available for immediate sale, they announced.

Dredging Today Staff, December 8, 2013