USA: IMS Announces New Dredge Simulator

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IMS Announces New Dredge Simulator

IMS has announced the start-up and immediate availability of a new dredging simulator for auger dredges. This is the most modern auger dredge simulator in the world.

It is equipped with three large 42″ (107 cm) panoramic screens to replicate the actual view from the operator’s control room, a control center replicating actual interactive dredge controls along with gauges, and an operator chair. This system provides a realistic experience for the operator to familiarize himself with the equipment and to learn how to operate the dredge properly for maximum production.

For training at IMS’s factory in Wisconsin, USA, auger dredge operators will use an IMS 7012 Versi-Dredge® simulator. This will be a valuable tool in training users how to operate their dredge safely and more efficiently.

IMS Announces New Dredge Simulator.

One of the most significant benefits of the simulator is that with advance planning operators will be able to begin training before a dredge is fully built and delivered. The simulator allows the customer to benefit from more efficient use of his dredge immediately after delivery, improving productivity and reducing down time.

Additionally, proper training on how dredges work will lead to fewer problems and therefore less unscheduled maintenance during operation. The simulator will show the operator how to manage the hydraulic pressures effectively, optimize productivity and deal with a host of environmental issues like water current speed and blocked suction.

IMS offers this training not only to new IMS dredge owners, but to all auger dredge operators, especially including Mud Cat™ owners.

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Press Release, December 11, 2013


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