Liberia: Sunergy Management Returns from Successful Visit

Sunergy Management Returns from Successful Visit

Sunergy Inc. has announced that its management has returned from West Africa completing arrangements to commence dredging operations in Liberia and Sierra Leone under the supervision of Dredgemaster David Price.

Mr. Price remains in Sierra Leone and is engaged in moving two dredges into operations locations there, with the first dredge already operating in a test location. During his visit in Sierra Leone, Dredgemaster visited two sites in Kono district that previously hosted substantial diamond production. These sites were shut down during the conflict and have not been operated since due to the Paramount Chief’s interest in preserving the riches for his chiefdom.

Mr. Price will return to Liberia after the holidays to deploy the initial dredge into operations. While visiting Liberia in early December, he visited three potential operating sites, two with good operating history and one speculative site. After consultation with management, it was determined that the Bomi Hills site was the most suitable one to begin operations.

The other two sites, Lofa River Bridge and Saint Paul River remain as potential work sites, depending on equipment availability and other criteria pending test results. This recent trip covered beneficial visits to Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Dubai and The Gambia.


Press Release, December 27, 2013