USA: Tacoma Port Pier Construction Work Makes Progress

Tacoma Port Pier Construction Work Makes Progress

Orion Marine Group will be installing pilings at Pier 3 for the Port of Tacoma between the dates of 10 Dec 2013 and 25 Jan 2014, according

DB St Helens and material Barge 1801 will be moored via offshore anchors toward the center of the waterway approximately 1000 feet in length centered at 47-16-32.48N/122-24-40.92W, and mooring lines extending to the pier.

The project site is located in the outer Blair Waterway just north of the Husky terminal on the south west side of the shipping lane.

Vessels are requested to limit their speeds to reduce wake, and contact the barge operator prior to entering the waterway to ensure safe passage and work conditions.


Dredging Today Staff, January 3, 2014