River Cam Dredging Program Moves Ahead (UK)

River Cam Dredging Program Moves Ahead

The River Cam dredging program is currently underway, according to cambridge-news.co.uk.

Boat owners have been asked to remove their vessels between Bishop’s & Newnham mills and Jesus Lock area until the work is done.

In order for essential maintenance to take place around the Trinity College area in Cambridge, the officials made a decision to shut down this area of the Cam River until January 19, reports cambridge-news.co.uk.

Regarding this situation, the river manager Philippa Noon said: “All commercial operations were aware. Punt companies know this is long-standing procedure and have scheduled staff holidays.”
Dr Noon added that further bad weather might delay completion of this dredging project.


Dredging Today Staff, January 7, 2014