UK: Meeting on Flood Defences to Take Place in Great Yarmouth

Meeting on Flood Defences to Take Place in Great Yarmouth

In response to the recent tidal surge, people have been invited to talk about flood defences with the Environment Agency and Great Yarmouth Borough Council at a drop-in event.

Approximately 20 properties in Great Yarmouth were flooded during the tidal surge, and other areas of the constituency were badly affected.

The drop-in session will be held at Great Yarmouth Town Hall on Friday 31 January from 2.30pm and 7pm. The event is being organised and supported by Brandon Lewis, MP for Great Yarmouth.

Experts from the Environment Agency and Great Yarmouth Borough Council will answer questions and address concerns that people may have about flooding where they live and what investment is planned for the defences in Great Yarmouth.

Brandon Lewis MP for Great Yarmouth said: “The tidal surge in Great Yarmouth led to an enormous evacuation effort of over 9,000 people.

“Some areas, particularly Hemsby, were badly damaged over the course of the evening. This event will enable local people to understand what happened, why it happened, and what changes are taking place to improve our flood defences for the future.

“I look forward to attending the event and hope that local people will take advantage of this opportunity to put their questions to the experts.”

Dr Charles Beardall, area manager from the Environment Agency, said: “We are really pleased to be giving local people this opportunity to find out more about our future plans for flood defences in Great Yarmouth.

“We do have investment in flood defences planned, the most significant of which is the Great Yarmouth tidal defence scheme with construction beginning next month to protect 2,000 properties from flooding.”

Cllr Trevor Wainwright, the leader of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, added: “The Environment Agency and borough council are constantly working to ensure the homes and businesses of the borough are protected against flooding as far as possible.

“However, in the wake of December’s tidal surge, and the flooding seen elsewhere in the UK during the festive period, it is recognised that there is renewed public interest in this vital work.

“Therefore, the borough council is supporting this event, giving local people the opportunity to find out what is planned for flood defences in the borough, and importantly to talk directly to technical staff if they have any more specific questions.”


Press Release, January 14, 2014