Saudi Arabia: Jeddah Flood Control Project Moves Ahead

Jeddah Flood Control Project Moves Ahead

Recently, new progress has been made in Section 11 of Flood Control Project of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The first blasting was successfully completed, and the first region of downstream foundation trench excavation smoothly passed the client’s acceptance inspection.

On the morning of October 31, the project department made careful preparation and took safety measures. Along with a “Bang”, a mushroom cloud rose inside the emergency dam spillway of Section 11; in the afternoon, another “bang” sounded inside the new quarry, marking the successful implementation of the first blasting of the whole project, which made a good start for the rock blasting. This blasting is to expand and deepen the emergency dam spillway according to the design section and at the same time, the aggregated rocks from the blasting will be used for dam downstream backfilling after being screened.

On November 7, the first region of emergency dam downstream foundation trench excavation of Section 11 of Flood Control Project of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia smoothly passed the design and consulting engineer’s acceptance inspection. This excavation is the basis for dam heightening and backfilling; all the excavation content is alluvial soil; the excavation amount is 45,000m3. After the principal earthwork excavation was completed, the project department immediately took innovative technology to clean the surface of rocks, which satisfying the client and consulting engineer.

The backfilling work will be conducted next, and its technological requirements are strict and construction difficulty is large. The project department will make full use of the existing resources to overcome the difficulties and complete the project on time with quality guaranteed.


Press Release, January 15, 2014