India: Government to Develop Vizhinjam International Port

Government to Develop Vizhinjam International Port

The Government of Kerala, as part of its various programs for development of the state, has introduced a plan to develop Vizhinjam International deep water Multipurpose Seaport.

It has formed a separate company, Vizhinjam International Seaport Limited (VISL) as a special purpose Government company (fully owned by the Government of Kerala) that will act as implementing agency for development of the greenfield port at Vizhinjam in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala. The Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India accorded Environmental Clearance to this project.

The project is proposed to be developed in three phases.

Phase I consists of an 800m Container Terminal, a 300m Cruise cum Multipurpose Terminal, a 500m Navy berth, a 120m Coast Guard berth, a 100m Port craft berth and a 500m Fish landing berth.

Phase II consists of an additional 400m Container Terminal, Phase III consists of an additional 800m Container Terminal, additional 200m Cruise cum Multipurpose Terminal and a 250m Liquid Terminal. The length of the breakwater in Phase I is 3180m, to be extended by 200m in Phase II (making the overall length to 3380m) and to be extended further by 700m in Phase III (making the overall length to 4080m). The total area to be developed for all three phases is estimated at 450.59 Ha.

The reclamation requirement in Phase I is 66.00 Ha, in Phase II is 16.00 Ha and in Phase III is 40.00 Ha, totaling to 122 Ha, with a provision for future reclamation of 21.17 Ha. Phase I development is planned during 2014-17, Phase II in 2024-2027 and Phase III in 2034-37.

Accordingly the project proponent has sought the environmental clearance for Phase I only considering the clearance validity limitations of 5 years, even though the shoreline, modeling and related studies have been done for the full Phase development.

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Press Release, January 22, 2014