Salton Sea Eligible for New Budget Initiative, Says Senator (USA)

Salton Sea Eligible for New Initiative in Budget, Says Senator

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) praised inclusion of a provision in the omnibus appropriations bill that allows for up to nine new Army Corps of Engineers studies to determine whether projects are eligible for further federal investment.

If the Salton Sea is selected by the Corps for this funding, it would begin to make use of a $30 million authorization Senator Boxer secured in the 2007 Water Resources Development Act for Salton Sea restoration.

The Salton Sea is now eligible for a new initiative in the budget,” Senator Boxer said. “The Army Corps of Engineers has already indicated that it supports this project, and I think it is a very encouraging sign that the Appropriations Committee has allotted this new funding.”

The Army Corps of Engineers showed its support for Salton Sea restoration when they included the request in the President’s 2014 budget for $200,000 to help advance a State plan to create a 3,770-acre complex of shallow ponds on the south side of the Sea.


Press Release, January 22, 2014