Nigeria: “3rd Maximising African Port Capacity” Set for June

3rd Maximising African Port Capacity

ACI’s 3rd Maximising African Port Capacity conference (4th and 5th June, 2014, Lagos, Nigeria) will address the key challenges faced by African ports when faced with operational change and site expansion.

This will include issues in construction, infrastructure, access, hinterland and storage. Hear case studies of how ports have faced and overcome these challenges and the corresponding benefits of completing projects successfully,” the officials announced.

“In addition, join us in Lagos to hear essential updates in issues of security, safety and quality, and global trade patterns so as to ensure that any developmental projects are refined to cope with the modern challenges the industry currently faces.”

Key presentations for this year will include:

– Developing working partnerships in Africa;

– Assessing investment options;

– Overcoming new construction challenges;

– Expanding and upgrading entrance channels;

– Cargo-specific port infrastructure models;

– Effective inland depot development;

– Matching operations to hinterland potential;

– Improving safety and quality culture;

– Assessing security challenges and solutions;

– Market analysis of international trade flow;

– Including ‘green’ design elements in port efficiency in the management of throughput.

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Dredging Today Staff, January 23, 2014