TZC: “I Lift NY” Super Crane Enters Last Leg of Its Journey (USA)

I Lift NY Super Crane Enters Last Leg of Its Journey

The “I Lift NY” super crane began the last leg of its journey this week, completing its passage through the Panama Canal on Jan. 17 and making its way up the eastern seaboard.

The super crane’s voyage began on Dec. 22, and early next month it is expected to arrive in the Port of New York & New Jersey where it will remain docked in the area until it’s brought to the site of the New NY Bridge project this spring. Recently nicknamed “I Lift NY”, the crane is owned by Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC), and is officially registered with the U.S. Coast Guard as the Left Coast Lifter.

Severe winter weather and icy conditions have resulted in the suspension of TZC’s marine operations for safety purposes. Work will resume on the river once temperatures rise and icy conditions allow for safe operations.

Ongoing operations:

– Rockland access ramp modifications;

– Armoring of dredge channel;

– River Road utility work;

– Test pile program;

– Permanent pile installation;

– Temporary Rockland trestle construction, including pile driving on weekdays 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.;

– Survey inspections on existing bridge;

– Support for river-based work from the Rockland shoreline;

– Reinforcement steel pre-assembly at bridge yard.


Press Release, January 28, 2014