Italy: KIASMA, FLOATEX Sign Cooperation Agreement

KIASMA, FLOATEX Sign Business Agreement

KIASMA, an Italian producer of dredging pipes, and FLOATEX, one of the leading companies in buoyancy and fendering for coastal and offshore marine products, signed a collaboration for the sector of dredging and offshore products.

The long experience gained through years of presence in their respective fields and the know-how of each, lead to the production of highly engineered, high performance and quality materials.

An example is the KGP floater, a fully integrated float on HDPE pipes and rubber hoses.

The KGP floats are highly appreciated by the world market on the sector of dredging and mining, thanks to the advantages of being resistant to impact, not requiring labor costs for the on-site installation and solving all the problems related to the normal empty separated floaters.


Press Release, February 20, 2014