UK: EA Repairs South Humber Flood Defences

EA Repairs South Humber Flood Defences

The Environment Agency is continuing its work to repair flood defences on the South Humber bank which were damaged by December’s tidal surge.

So far, more than 7 km of defences have been repaired, from Barton to Goxhill Haven. Work has also started this week on the stretches of flood bank at Far Ings, west of Barton and these should be finished by around the middle of March.

Mark Adams, Senior Coastal Advisor, said: “The tidal surge in December caused damage to defences right along the south Humber bank from Whitton to East Halton. Since then, we have been extremely busy, concentrating our efforts on those sections of defence where repairs are needed most. This has included successfully securing £1.5-million in government funding and pulling in machinery from other areas of the country to enable us to ensure we continue to reduce tidal flood risk to communities on the Humber.

Further repairs are planned to take place between now and early April. These include areas between Goxhill Haven and East Halton Skitter and from the A1077 to Whitton.

The Environment Agency was in the process of updating its 2008 Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy before the unprecedented floods in December. The strategy looks at long-term justification, funding and solutions to managing flood risk to communities along the Humber. All the information and intelligence gained as a result of the recent flooding will now be incorporated into the strategy update.

Adams said: “The Environment Agency understands that communities want to see their defences improved and we are working as quickly as we can to understand how and where this could be achieved with the funding available.”


Press Release, February 20, 2014

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