QRC Boss Seeks Support for Great Barrier Reef Dredging (Australia)

QRC Boss Seeks Support for Great Barrier Reef Dredging

Queensland Resources Council (QRC) chief executive Michael Roche is encouraging local business leaders to line up against the campaign of Great Barrier Reef port dredging opponents.

According to Roche, Queensland ports are very important for the economic development in Australia, as well as for securing a great number of work places.

Every year of course access to Cairns Port relies on an annual dredging program and that’s even before you start to look at the bigger passenger ship proposals that are working their way through the environmental impact statement process,” said Roche.

He stands for programs which strictly regulate dredging conditions and do not significantly affect the natural environment.

Great Barrier Reef dredging is a controversial issue that has been much discussed in recent times because of its possible impact on nature.


Dredging Today Staff, March 6, 2014