The Netherlands: HollandMT Introduces Plain Suction Dredger

HollandMT Introduces Plain Suction Dredger

HollandMT has developed a Plain Suction Dredger (PSD) for the purpose of dredging and deepening of inland lakes, estuaries and mining & tailing ponds.

The PSD350 Plain Suction Dredger is fitted with a 350 mm dredge pipeline system and is designed for dredging up to –40 m below water level. Reduced dredging depth can be achieved by reducing the length of the lower dredge pipe.

The dredger is equipped with a high pressure jetwater system and a specially developed plain suction head which enables dredging of free flowing sands or silt-like material.

This dredging machine is equipped with 1 submerged dredge pump on the ladder and 1 deck-based booster pump, enabling the dredger to pump the dredged material to discharge distance of approximately 3000 m.

The dredger is electric powered via shore supply (10kV) and both dredge pumps are controlled by means of frequency converters. The dredger is moored by means of 4 electric mooring winches. The ladder and lower dredge pipe are raised by electric winches as well.

The fully air-conditioned control cabin is mounted on top of electric switchboard room, providing a clear overview of the dredging operations. This vessel is equipped with production measurement system, dredge monitoring system and dredge-track position system.


Press Release, March 13, 2014