UK: VolkerStevin to Discuss Cromer Coastal Defence

VolkerStevin to Speak About Cromer Coastal Defence

VolkerStevin will be giving a talk on the coastal defence works being undertaken at Cromer as part of the Cromer Preservation Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at the Cromer Community Hall on the 27th March 2014.

Duncan Nash, VolkerStevin site agent, said: “The Cromer Preservation Society has an invested interest in the Coastal Defence works we are undertaking as it involves the protection of the Promenades, a historic feature of the North Norfolk seaside town. The Promenades date back to the Victorian times and have been preserved for over 100 years.

“We will be there on the night to give locals some insight into the works being undertaken on the first ever major revamp of the walls.”

VolkerStevin is principal contractor for the coastal management strategy for 1.6 km of coastal defence sea walls and groynes at Cromer, a scheme designed to futureproof the coastal area for another 60 years. The works include the installation of sheet piles to the toe of the existing sea walls, repairs and refurbishments to the existing groynes, as well as the construction of new sea walls.


Press Release, March 24, 2014