Wanapum Development Project Involves Dredging (USA)

Wanapum Development Project Involves Dredging

Grant PUD Commissioners voted yesterday to accelerate plans for scheduled improvements to Wanapum reservoir boat launches during low-elevation conditions, pending regulatory approval.

The Wanapum reservoir has been drawn down by about 26 feet since a fracture was discovered in one of Wanapum Dam’s spillway pier monoliths on Feb. 27. Under the low-water conditions, boat launches on the reservoir are all well above the water-line. By accelerating the timeline for the improvements, Grant PUD can reduce costs and environmental impacts.

Grant PUD plans to conduct an abbreviated competitive bidding process for work scheduled for the Kittitas Boat Launch and the Frenchman Coulee Boat Launch. The work includes dredging, shoreline excavations, pre-cast concrete ramp installation, pile driving and slope stabilization.

The cost savings for work on the two launches is estimated to be about $425,000. The utility is also looking into the possibility of performing similar work in other locations, pending approval from regulatory agencies.


Press Release, March 26, 2014