Australia: Harrington Lagoon’s Revival Involves Dredging

Harrington Lagoon’s Revival Includes Dredging

Harrington Lagoon has always been a popular swimming area enjoyed by the locals and the many tourists that visit the area each year, and it is about to get a facelift.

However, over recent years the lagoon has become very shallow as a result of infilling from windblown and tidal marine sands, which has severely affected its usability.

Greater Taree City Council has just been awarded $27,000 funding under the NSW Crown Lands Funding Program to assist in revitalising this iconic area.

The Harrington Lagoon’s revival will involve the dredging of the lagoon to reinstate tidal flows, the creation of a new beach and improvements to the site’s recreational facilities.

The project will be undertaken in partnership with the Farquhar Inlet Management Group (FIMG) and build on the initial $30,000 funding awarded to the group for the project under the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnerships Program.


Press Release, March 28, 2014