UK: Parrett and Tone Dredging Kicks Off

Parrett and Tone Dredging Kicks Off

Dredging of the rivers Parrett and Tone has now started. The crucial 8km stretch that was identified by the Environment Agency (EA) modelling following the flood event of 2012 is currently where the operation is taking place.

Dredging will start at Moorland House Farm with a long reach excavator. This is one of the key elements of the 20-year action plan to reduce flood risk for the Somerset Levels and Moors.

“The EA are working towards restoring the Rivers to the 1960s profile, but currently we have not had access to those either. It is essential that we have access to this information to ensure that there is total transparency for this dredge that is so vital for our future on the Levels,” announced Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG).

It’s FLAG’s role to continue to push for a change Government policy, this includes the acknowledgement that the Somerset levels are a unique place and that a fairer funding system is required. We need to ensure policy change occurs so that a whole catchment charge is agreed upon. This will make sure there is money for continued maintenance of the river systems and the infrastructure that is vital, including the upgrade of pumping stations such as North Moor. We need to ensure funding is spent wisely on essential projects and that taxpayers get the best value for money,” they stated.


Press Release, March 31, 2014