BTT Site Extension Handed Over to Port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

 BTT Site Extension Handed Over to Port of Rotterdam

On 1 April the construction consortium of De Vries en van der Wiel and Geka have handed over the extension of the Botlek Tank Terminal (BTT) site to the Port of Rotterdam.

The extension of approximately 5 hectares doubles the area occupied by the existing terminal and allows the total storage capacity to be expanded from 200,000 to approximately 750,000 m3.

The extension has been accomplished by land reclamation.

The reclaimed land will enable BTT to build a further 550,000 m3 of liquid bulk tank storage capacity for transportation fuels and edible oils, possibly in phases.

Talks are in progress with potential customers.

The environmental permit for the expansion has already been issued by the regional environmental authority DCMR.

Phase 1

The existing Phase I comprises 34 storage tanks, with a combined storage capacity of 200,000 m3, of which 130,000 m3 is earmarked for transport fuels and 70,000 m3 for edible oils and biodiesel.

Capacity utilisation is high. The 420 m sea jetty is capable of handling two seagoing vessels of up to 115,000 DWT and two tank barges simultaneously.

Phase -I qualifies as a ‘zero emission terminal’, making it one of the first environmentally sound tank terminals in the world.


Press Release, April 1, 2014