Richmond Inner Harbor Dredging Set for This Summer (USA)

Richmond Inner Harbor Dredging Set for This Summer

According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco District, the Richmond Inner Harbor dredging project will be underway from July until December, 2014.

The dredged material will be transported and disposed at the Government-furnished Ocean Disposal site, located 62 miles offshore.

In order to complete all work within the specified period of performance, interested contractors must have the capability to dredge at a minimum daily rate of 7,000 cubic yards of material, including appropriately sized scows and dredge bucket, and all necessary scow offloading and pumping equipment, USACE said.

The main goal of this maintenance dredging scheme is to achieve a depth of -38 ft and 1 ft of paid overdepth in the Richmond Inner Harbor federal navigation channel.

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Source:, April 28, 2014