Port of Mackay Plan to Include Identification of Port Expansion Needs

Port of Mackay Plan to Include Identification of Port Expansion Needs

As one of the five identified Priority Port Development Areas in the Queensland Government’s Ports Strategy, the Port of Mackay is required to prepare a 30 Year Port Master Plan.

“A critical element in the development of the Master Plan will be consultation with a broad range of stakeholders and we are currently waiting for the Government to release the statutory consultation guidelines,” North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation said.

In preparation for the Port of Mackay Master Plan, NQBP has developed an internal Long Term Port Development Plan (LTPDP) as a guide to the efficient and sustainable development in the port over the next 30 years, until 2045.

Key elements of the Port of Mackay LTPDP include:

• trade projections and cargo analysis;

• analysis of options for development of the port;

• identification of port expansion needs;

• provision of an integrated plan for long term development of the Port, including infrastructure requirements.

The Port of Mackay LTPDP was prepared in compliance with the Ports Australia best practice master planning guidelines that were released in August 2013.

It is anticipated that a draft Port of Mackay 30 Year Master Plan will be available for consultation towards the end of this year or early in 2015.


Press Release, April 29, 2014