USA: Baltimore Port Receives Additional Funding From EPA

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Baltimore Port Receives Additional Funding From EPA

The Maryland Port Administration (MPA) applauded the recent decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to award a grant of $750,000 for the Port of Baltimore’s Dray Truck Replacement Program, extending the program through March 2016.

The $750,000 grant was part of $4.2 million in Diesel Emission Reduction Act grants awarded by the EPA to six U.S. ports across the country, including the Port of Baltimore.

The MPA, which manages the public marine terminals of the Port of Baltimore, has previously been recognized by the EPA for several of its environmental initiatives, including its Dredged Material Management Program, which reuses dredged material in innovative ways like wetland restoration and island recreation; the Clean Diesel Program, which installs cleaner running engines in port equipment like locomotives and harbor craft; and the Schoolyard Greening Program, which replaces pavement at schools with grass and trees.


Press Release, May 1, 2014


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