Fiji: Oinafa Jetty Dredging to Bring More Business

Oinafa Jetty Dredging Project to Bring More Business

The dredging work at Oinafa Jetty is aimed at improving shipping services to the Island of Rotuma. A study of the area late last year revealed that sand has accumulated in the harbour over time and that a limited number of vessels were able to access the jetty only at high tide. Ships would arrive, offload cargo and depart before the tide recedes.

The study indicated that the tide dictates the type of vessels that could berth at the jetty; however with the harbour now dredged, boats with a deeper draft can berth at the Oinafa jetty at any time.

Earlier this year, through a tender process, Pacific Marine and Civil Solutions were successful in their bid and were awarded the contract by Fiji Roads Authority to dredge the harbour. The contractor is progressing well in terms of delivery with the aid of a barge hopper and a long –reach excavator used to extract sand that is stockpiled on the beach and later used to fill sand bags to construct a groyne.

The purpose of the groyne is to help retain sand on the beach and prevent it from moving back into the harbour.

While work is being carried out the contractor has continued to accommodate ships arriving to berth at Oinafa including the MV Lady Sandy that was allowed through to offload goods.


Press Release, May 13, 2014