HR Wallingford: Course on Flood and Coastal Assets Approaches

Course on Flood and Coastal Assets Approaches

HR Wallingford has announced that its conference named “Management of above-ground flood and coastal assets” will take place on 15 May 2014, in Wallingford, UK.

This event will provide an understanding of the asset management life-cycle.

It will also cover the methods and tools that are available across that cycle for the assessment and management of a wide range of raised flood and coastal defences, both individually and when treated as systems.

HR Wallingford has been heavily involved in working with various partners over the years in developing guidance documents for asset management and design of flood and coastal assets, including manuals published by Thomas Telford and by CIRIA (such as the International Levee Handbook and the Rock Manual).

They have also been involved over the last 15 years in development of new assessment and inspection tools and techniques for asset management.

This course will make this information available to interested practitioners.


Dredging Today Staff, May 13, 2014