USA: Ecology Seeks Public Input on Bonney Lake Shoreline Program

Ecology Seeks Public Input on Bonney Lake Shoreline Program

The Department of Ecology has invited people to comment on Bonney Lake’s proposed updates to its shoreline master program that will guide construction and development along Lake Tapps and Fennel Creek shorelines within the city of Bonney Lake.

The program is locally crafted and designed to reflect local needs, and emphasizes priorities like views and continued residential and recreational use in addition to the lake’s water quality and value into the future.

The comment period runs through June 9, 2014.

Bonney Lake’s proposed updated master program:

– Helps minimize environmental damage to shoreline areas, reserves appropriate areas for water-oriented uses, and protect the public’s right to public land and waters;

– Provides shoreline regulations that are integrated with the city’s comprehensive plan, floodplain management and critical areas ordinances as part of a unified development code;

– Establishes setbacks of 60 feet with the flexibility to reduce setbacks based on individual property circumstances. These setbacks are consistent with the existing development pattern along the lake;

– Protects existing shoreline vegetation and encourages the re-establishment of shoreline vegetation through different incentive programs;

– Limits the length of new residential docks and piers to the minimum necessary, up to 50 feet;

– Encourages soft-bank erosion control methods and limits construction of new shoreline armoring;

– Gives priority to conservation and enhancement of native shoreline vegetation by placing a 200-foot buffer on Fennel Creek below Victor Falls;

– Helps support the broader initiative to protect and restore Puget Sound.

All of Washington’s cities and counties with regulated shorelines must update their programs by December 2014.


Press Release, May 13, 2014