HYPACK Presents Its Real Time Point Cloud (USA)

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HYPACK Presnts Its Real Time Point Cloud

HYPACK Inc, one of the leading Hydrographic Surveying Software Companies in the world, has introduced its new Real Time Point Cloud, an upgrade to the HYPACK®2014.

The new program runs in conjunction with HYSWEEP® SURVEY and displays both multibeam and topographic laser data in a corrected and geo-referenced color-coded point cloud. The REAL TIME POINT CLOUD program will be useful for easier feature detection and categorization, system calibration and verification, and data quality control.

This program enhances the already powerful multibeam and topographic laser collection capabilities of HYSWEEP®.

Some of the key features:

• Displays geo-referenced multibeam sonar and, if available, topographic laser data in a common point cloud;

• Provides for real time QC on overlapping swaths;

• The program keeps track of the last 3,000,000 data points and displays them in a cloud;

• Depending on ping rates and swath sizes, it can display over an hour of multibeam data on-the-fly;

• Allows capture and export of geo-referenced images to BMPs;

• Includes 3-axis rotations and zoom in-out real time tools;

• Uses a separate core processor, so the efficiency of HYSWEEP® SURVEY is not affected;

• Runs in both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.


Press Release, May 15, 2014

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