UK: Invergordon Service Base Phase 3 Redevelopment Kicks Off

Invergordon Service Base Phase 3 Awarded to McLaughlin & Harvey

McLaughlin & Harvey said that works on the Invergordon Service Base Phase 3 have begun after they were awarded the contract for redevelopment of the base.

According to the project plan the site will be redeveloped into a modern facility and it entails reclamation of approximately 35,000 m2 of sea bed, creation of a 60 year old design life berth capable of accommodating large vessels, increasing water depth at the quayside and dredging approximately 21,000 m3 of material, the construction of a heavy load quay to support cranes up to 1,000 tonne with required piling arrangements, a mooring and anti-corrosion system, and the installation of concrete deck.

Lighting for the dock, water supply, firefighting facilities, electrical systems and drainage systems including outfalls and petrol interceptors compliant with current SEPA standards have all been installed.


Press Release, May 21, 2014

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