JND Thomas Gets Ready for Machado Lake Dredging

JND Thomas Gets Ready for Machado Lake Dredging

JND Thomas Company, Inc., Riverdale, CA the major sub contractor with OHL,USA, Inc., to perform the dredging and mechanical dewatering activities, is currently mobilizing onto Machado Lake, Harbor City, CA.

The scope of the work for the project includes removal and mechanical dewatering of approximately 239,000 cubic yards of lake sediment. Sediment removal, removal of accumulated materials from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors and other water bodies, is necessary because of the natural process of sedimentation due to erosion, urban runoff, and organic decay.

In this case, Machado Lake’s water depth has been significantly decreased due to sediment build-up over several decades. Removing the sediment will increase the lake capacity to handle storm flows, ameliorate eutrophic conditions, and control the growth of nuisance aquatic plant species.

For the project, JND Thomas will be utilizing its proprietary portable mechanical dewatering plant which has the smallest footprint within the industry. The saturated dredged sediment will be dewatered using geotextile dewatering tubes or other mechanical dewatering process within designated laydown areas and returned to the lake. The return water will be tested and treated prior to being discharged back into the lake.

Sediment removal will occur throughout the lake with specific focus on the northern and southern portions of the lake.


June 23, 2014