HYPACK Takes Part in Block Island Restoration and Cleanup

HYPACK Takes Part in Block Island Restoration and Cleanup

In 2012 a total of 24 U.S. states were in some way hit with one of the most memorable and destructive hurricanes yet, Hurricane Sandy. Two years later Sandy is still having a huge impact on both land and sea.

The New England USACE is on a mission to restore and clean the beaches and channels in Block Island, RI. The Corps is now using a special dredge to make the entrance channel to the Harbor of Refuge to remove hazardous shoals in the channel.

During this Block Island restoration project, DREGEPACK® was used to maintain the channels and restore the beaches from Hurricane Sandy’s major damage and erosion.

DREDGEPACKDREDGEPACK® allows the operator to monitor and record digging operations and allows the contractor to maximize digging efficiency while providing a record of digging operations. It provides the contractor with the design tools to be able to accurately model almost any dredge plan.

HYPACK’s software was used during the pre and post dredge operation to ensure the channel was dredged to ensure safe navigation of the channel used daily by commercial fishing boat, ferries, and recreational boats.


Press Release, June 24, 2014