Kongsberg Mesotech Presents M3 Bathy System

Kongsberg Mesotech Presents M3 Bathy System

Kongsberg Mesotech has just introduced the M3 Bathy System, a powerful, entry-level survey system for shallow-water bathymetric applications.

The core of the M3 Bathy is Mesotech’s M3 Series MultiMode Multibeam Sonar. The M3 Sonar is the only instrument in its price point that produces high-quality imaging records and 3D profiling point cloud data using the same sonar head.

Bathymetric multibeams have different requirements than imaging sonars. Bathymetric multibeam sonar needs a wide opening angle across track, and narrow beam along track angle. Forward-looking imaging sonar needs a wide beam across track and wide beam along track. This is why it’s impossible for conventional bathymetric sonar to function well as forward-look¬ing imaging sonar.

The M3’s innovative design solves this technical challenge by using 2 sets of complementary transducers in the same head.

The M3 generates both imaging and profiling data in the same head. Point it down for bathymetric measurement; point it forward with a slight downward tilt for seafloor imaging; point it forward for obstacle avoidance, point it sideways for structural inspection or vessel hull inspection.

M3 Bathy Applications include:

– Pipeline profiling survey;

– Dredging monitoring and verification;

– Engineering inspection of small ports and harbours infrastructure;

– Shallow water survey;

– Dam inspections;

– Bridge pier inspections;

– Cooling water intake inspection;

– Outflow inspection.


Press Release, June 25, 2014