USACE to Hold Nonstructural Flood Proofing Workshop

USACE to Hold Nonstructural Flood Proofing Workshop

USACE instructors are coming in from Omaha and New Orleans to provide information on nonstructural flood proofing.

This would be especially beneficial for communities that have experienced flood damages in the past and recent years where nonstructural flood proofing measures could reduce flood risk.

Workshops provided by the USACE National Nonstructural Flood Proofing Committee (NFPC) provide an in-depth overview of nonstructural techniques such as elevation, wet flood proofing, dry flood proofing, acquisition, relocation, and nonstructural berms and floodwalls.

This workshop will illustrate the general data requirements for conducting plan formulation, how to assess the information collected and how to conduct an economic analysis to develop a benefit-cost ratio.

The workshop identifies the hydrologic and nonstructural plan formulation required to assist communities/states/tribes to, either individually or in conjunction with USACE or other federal and state partners, develop potentially feasible nonstructural flood risk reduction measures which could lead to implementation and a reduction in damages due to future flood events.

The workshop will be held in Ingham County Health Department pn Wednesday, July 23, 2014.

USACE, July 3, 2014