Kings Bay Restoration Plan Development Kicks Off

Kings Bay Restoration Plan Development Kicks Off

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection yesterday announced an invitation for local governments, scientists, environmentalists, agricultural producers and other interested parties to take part in a restoration plan development workshop for Kings Bay and Crystal River.

DEP is developing restoration plans that respond to the specific needs of the waterbody and ensure the local public is engaged in these efforts,” said Tom Frick, director of the Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration. “We have these meetings to solicit knowledge from stakeholders and residents to develop an appropriately targeted and effective restoration plan.

Excess nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous have caused an imbalance in the water quality in Kings Bay and Crystal River. This is the case in many springs across Florida, resulting in the development of algal mats and other complications.

At this meeting, DEP representatives will explain the importance of nutrient reduction projects and how nutrient reductions in these projects are calculated and documented as part of the restoration plan.

Southwest Florida Water Management District representatives will discuss nutrient reduction projects implemented in the Kings Bay and Crystal River System and highlight the various types of nutrient reduction strategies that exist.


Press Release, July 8, 2014