Sunergy: Repairs Completed on Dredging Equipment in Sierra Leone

Repairs Completed on Dredging Equipment in Sierra Leone

Sunergy, Inc. has confirmed that seasonal repairs on their dredging equipment in Sierra Leone are complete on Dredge #1 which last week started in the Woa River, outside Kenema.

A second dredge is slated to start another new operation and will be being used as a wash plant; washing gravels already uncovered near Kono.

Garrett Hale, President and CEO, said: “After a brief rehabilitation of our operating equipment in Sierra Leone, we have commenced the rainy season activities as planned.”

Sunergy has continued operations, kept equipment protected and in place for the non-rainy season, and also completing the proper due diligence to see how far the diamondiferous soils extend.

We wish to acknowledge our brave and determined local mine workers and especially honor the unwavering commitment of David Price, Dredgemaster, who leads our mining operations in both countries (Sierra Leone and Liberia) during these trying times. His diligent efforts and experience are the reason we are still able to operate at this difficult time,” added Hale.


August 7, 2014