Infrastructure Technology Development Award for Grab Dredger

Infrastructure Technology Development Award for Grab Dredger

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Material Handling Systems Co., Ltd. and Yorigami Maritime Construction Co., Ltd. have developed design of a hybrid grab dredger that features Energy Fuel saving and Fully-Automatic Operation Systems. Their product recently received the 2014 Infrastructure Technology Development Award.

The Infrastructure Technology Development Award is nominated jointly by the Japan Institute of Country-Ology and Engineering and the Coastal Development Institute of Technology.

We have renovated existing floating crane with heavy lifting and piling function, and added bucket dredging function. For this renovation, we have applied our own Hybrid Energy Saving Technology and Fully-Automatic Operation system based on GPS signal,” stated Sumitomo Heavy Industries.

Advantages of these two features are as follows:

1. Environmentally Friendly

Hybrid System enables to apply low fuel consuming smaller Engine Generator System and Energy saving. Fully-Automatic Operation system enables to achieve accurate operation and minimize the environmental damage of water pollution by dredging work;

2. Superior Operational Reliability

Dredging work requires the accurate and high speed motion with constant basis. Fully-Automatic Operation System also applied Electrical Inverter Control, Horizontal Digging Function, and Anti-Sway System and achieved more accurate and more effective operation.

Press Release, August 25, 2014