The Philippines: Kiamba Dredging to Ease Flooding

Kiamba Dredging to Ease Flooding

Officials of the coastal town of Kiamba in Sarangani are set to declare the entire area under the state of calamity following the flash floods on Monday afternoon that affected around 560 families in six barangays.

According to initial assessment findings, the floods mainly affected portions of Barangays Katubao, Lumuyon, Nalus, Badtasan, Datu Dani and Poblacion. Hardest hit was Barangay Katubao where a total of 307 households in Sitios Maglangit, Baybay and Kitagas were swept by flood waters that reached knee-deep high.

As immediate intervention, the municipal government of Kiamba set the dredging and rechanneling of the heavily-silted Taluk River and the Pananag Creek.


Source: PNA, August 27, 2014