Phase 1 of Muddy River Project Moves Ahead

Phase 1 of Muddy River Project Moves Ahead

Construction activities continue on Phase 1 of the $30.9 million Muddy River Flood Risk Management and Environmental Restoration project in Boston, Massachusetts.

On Saturday, September 20, another traffic shift to change both vehicular and pedestrian traffic will occur to begin construction of the arch culvert underneath Riverway.

This traffic shift will maintain the current traffic pattern around the former Sears Parking Lot at Park Drive, between the Landmark Center and the Riverway Connector, but will shift the four lanes to the left. In addition, the Riverway traffic outbound will shift left at the Riverway Island, near the existing Riverway Intake Structure.

Traffic flow will remain in the same traffic pattern from last traffic change in March 2014.

These changes are being made so that the installation of the culvert under Riverway can begin, while the culvert under Brookline Avenue is near completion. This shift will help to maintain project completion in 2015.

Press Release, September 9, 2014