Hitachi Large Excavators for New Doha Port Project

Hitachi Large Excavators for New Doha Port Project

Two state-of-the-art Hitachi Large Excavators EX-1900-6 BH will arrive in Qatar next month to take part in the New Doha Port Project. The new port will be located to the north of Mesaieed, and will cover 20 square kilometers. 

Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East Corporation FZE dealer for Qatar, Arabian Supply Center (ASC) recently sold two of these mega machines to an undisclosed company.

Construction of the new port is being executed in three phases with the Hitachi Excavators being the backbone of the Phase three, the Canal Quay Walls Excavation and Channel Dredging works. When the project is completed, the port’s capacity will be more than 12 million TEUs a year.

Hitachi EX-1900-6 BH excavators are among industry’s largest backhoe arm excavators. With a bucket capacity of 12 m³ and optimum engine power, these excavators will enhance productivity in bund construction and reclamation and at the same time reduce the project’s emissions footprint through decreased equipment operations.

The two EX-1900-6 BH Hitachi large excavators will be delivered with three buckets

  • 2 x 5.8 m³ Ripper Buckets : will be used for excavating the hard material
  • 1 x 12 m³ STD Bucket : will be mainly used for loading the loose material

The soil to be excavated is primarily hard limestone and massive soil of lesser strength. The density of the material is Cap Rock: Silt/Sand Limestone / UCS 3~5 MPa and Limestone: RQD 0~60 / UCS 10~30 MPa.

Last year, the Qatari New Port Project Steering Committee commissioned $301 million for the construction of New Doha Port.

HBK Contracting Company have commenced construction works on the port’s commercial terminals infrastructure and utility buildings.

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries, the world’s largest STS cranes manufacturer, are constructing 12 Ship to Shore Cranes and 38 Yard Cranes for the port’s container terminal.



September 11, 2014