CAT: New HDH System for Mini Excavators

New HDH System for Mini Excavators

The five compact radius Cat® E2 Series Mini Hydraulic Excavators—303.5E2, 304E2, 305E2, 305.5E2 and 308E2—will all be produced at Caterpillar’s new 850,000 square foot facility in Athens, Georgia, USA and will also use the new High Definition Hydraulic system.

The E2 models are designed to carry on the solid performance of their E Series predecessor, while adding even greater value for the customer. For example, the new High Definition Hydraulic (HDH) System in the E2 machines provides a load sensing and flow sharing capability leading to operational precision, efficient performance and greater controllability. The simple valve architecture reduces heat, which leads to a reduction in hydraulic instability and improved overall efficiency.

The 305.5E2, 305E2, 304E2 and 303.5E2 all include a redesigned operator station. This update includes a wider opening, a high quality suspension seat, easy to adjust arm rests and an overall improved ergonomic layout for operator comfort and productivity. Additionally, a new interlocking front window system, updated operator interface controls and 100% pilot controls provide a best-in-class operator station and customer value.

Smart Technology is a new feature of the 303.5E2. Through the integration of this technology with the 23.5 hp (17.6kW) engine, the machine is able to meet and exceed performance of the 303.5E. Additionally, testing on the 303.5E2 revealed an 8% fuel consumption improvement and 7% greater efficiency over the E series.

All the E2 series models are equipped with the digital control panel specially designed for Cat Mini Excavators—COMPASS—Complete Operation, Maintenance, Performance, and Security System. Built into the COMPASS monitor are an anti-theft system, which requires a five-digit alphanumeric password to start the machine, an automatic engine-idle selection, which drops engine rpm to idle after 4 seconds of inactivity and an adjustable auxiliary-flow control for work tools.

Both main-line and optional secondary auxiliary-hydraulic systems can be adjusted on a scale of 1-15 through the monitor for added control.

Press Release, September 12, 2014