Empire Flood Gate Scheme Includes Dredging

Empire Flood Gate Scheme Includes Dredging

Kiewit and Pittman joint venture has won a $65.8 million worth Empire Flood Gate project that will help cut the risk of future flooding, protecting homes and businesses in the Plaquemines Parish.

Works on the project are expected to take approximately three years with completion scheduled for summer 2017. The construction on the project should begin within the next 30 days.

The work for the project is extensive as it consists of dredging a new bypass channel, and the construction of a new sector flood gate structure with associated mechanical and electrical systems, new storage platform, new floodwall with riprap berms and embankments, new channel with riprap erosion protection, new guide wall and impact dolphins, new rock dike, demolition of existing guide wall and existing flood gate electrical and mechanical systems.

The flood gate being put into place will be a new structure that is able to provide the most protection to the parish and regulate the waterway in the respective area,” said Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser. “The gate will be able to open and close with minimal disruption to marina traffic and without the fear of malfunction. It is truly a great project, and we thank the Army Corps of Engineers for moving it along so quickly.”

“Plaquemines Parish continues to progress with all of our flood protection projects making them a top priority for parish safety. We are determined to continue and start as many of these projects as possible to be certain that Plaquemines is maximizing our funding and time to prepare for parish residents and businesses’ safety.”

Press Release, September 17, 2014