Three Concept Design Alternatives Identified

Three Concept Design Alternatives Identified

The Port of Anchorage POA successfully completed a week-long collaborative Concept Planning Charrette on August 22, 2014. Three concept design alternatives will move forward for development to a 15 percent design level for the Anchorage Port Modernization Project (APMP).

Three concept designs were selected by approximately 50 charrette participants who considered project goals, evaluation factors, and constraints.

Each concept meets the project goals of replacing Terminals 2 and 3, modernizing infrastructure, improving seismic resilience, and providing continuous operations for Port users during construction.

“We’ve had concerns with the aging infrastructure, the north expansion, and the resulting siltation issues at our berth,” said George Lowery, Director of Operations for Totem Ocean Trailer Express, one of the POA’s largest tenants. “During these Charrette meetings, the new focus, priorities, and the theme of the concepts identified so far, gives us a great sense of encouragement that we’re now headed in the right direction.”

The Port of Anchorage is vital to Alaska’s economy,” continued Mayor Dan Sullivan. “The Anchorage Port Modernization Project will assure the continuous flow of goods throughout the state for years to come.”

The POA and the Project Management Team, led by consultant CH2MHILL, will develop the three concepts to a 15 percent design level by November 2014, at which time a recommended alternative will be presented to the MOA.

Press Release, September 17, 2014
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