Masterplanning Guidance for Ports Published

Masterplanning Guidance for Ports Published

A new report, Masterplans for the development of existing ports, has been published today by PIANC. The report was prepared by an international Working Group (WG 158) established 2012 and chaired by Stephen Cork, Technical Director at HR Wallingford.

In preparing this report, our objective was to deliver a comprehensive guide for the preparation of masterplans for existing ports,” explains Stephen Cork. “By referencing the best international practice and key performance indicators available for cargo handling systems and terminal operations, this report will help to support the preparation of reliable and responsive port masterplans.”

PIANC is the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, and is the forum where professionals around the world join forces to provide expert advice on cost-effective, reliable and sustainable infrastructure to facilitate the growth of waterborne transport.

PIANC brings together the best international experts on technical, economic and environmental issues pertaining to waterborne transport infrastructure. Members include national governments and public authorities, corporations and interested individuals.

The report provides guidelines and recommendations for the preparation and application of port masterplans for existing ports.

The report not only examines the latest developments and trends in maritime engineering, port operations and handling equipment, but also, and more importantly, discusses changes in the models of port management and the two conditioning factors that have a profound impact on the growth and development of ports:

– how port operations are carried out on;

– how investments in ports are made.

Planning for the future of a port by considering how port operations will be organised and how investments will be financed are the two of the key elements for success.

Press Release, September 26, 2014