Rivers Parrett and Tone Dredging Project on Track (UK)

Rivers Parrett and Tone Dredging Project on Track

A 20 year flood action plan for a long-term sustainable future for the Somerset Levels and Moors is in full swing with a 8km dredge of the Tone and Parrett Rivers well underway.

The plan is owned by Somerset’s councils, internal drainage boards and local leaders and was prepared in partnership with local and national organizations including the Environment Agency.

At the moment, seven crews are dredging Rivers Parrett and Tone.

On the River Parrett the work continues to dredge the Westonzoyland Pumping Station, Ham Lawn Farm and at the confluence of the Rivers Parrett and Tone with the usage of the floating machinery.

On the River Tone the amphibious excavator and a land based excavator are working between Currymoor Pumping Station and Athelney Railway Bridge and there are two land based excavators working upstream of the railway bridge.

So far, approximately 107,000m³ of silt has been removed from the two rivers. Still the contractors have 1.9km of river (3.8km of total river bank length) left to dredge and remain on programme to complete work by the end of October.

Over the next couple of weeks the focus of the contractors will be:

  • To begin dredging on the King Alfred side of the Rivers Parrett and Tone confluence;
  • Using additional floating barges, ordered to arrive next week, to help speed up the removal of material dredged from the river by our floating plant;
  • To hold Wednesday drop-ins at Gillards (Samways Farm) from 16:30 until 18:30. Look for the Land and Water sign on Riverside, Burrowbridge.



September 29, 2014