DRAGFLOW’s Agitator Presented (VIDEO)

DRAGFLOW’s Agitator

DRAGFLOW, a world player in solid pumping solutions, has introduced its unique Hi-chrome tool, the Agitator. The tool allows lifting of settled sediment which could without the Agitator pose a risk of being sucked into the pump, jeopardizing the machine’s overall performance.

DRAGFLOW’s Agitator works by creating a continuous flow of concentrated slurry (up to 70% by weight). Plus, on a wide range of pumps models, DRAGFLOW’s Agitator is reversible, which means that its life is significantly increased.

When pumping coarse and heavy slurries, DRAGFLOW’s Agitator produces a powerful downward thrust that forces solids into suspension.

The Agitator not only prevents solids from blocking the pump inlet by mixing them with the liquid, but with his rotation creates a downward flow, generating a high pressure area in front of the pump that puts material in suspension thus creating a slurry that can be easily be pumped.

DRAGFLOW’s Agitator is unique also because his high quality materials. The materials ensure long life of all components, with quality checks being conducted for every casting in order to ensure homogeneous hardness from the surface to the core. All wear parts are made in high chrome alloy that is essential when pumping abrasive slurries.

The impeller and volute in slurry pumps have 27 percent chrome, which has proven to give the perfect balance between abrasion resistance and mechanical strength.

October 8, 2014